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Socks are pieces of clothing for your feet, which are made of textile fibres in the form of a tube which is sewn up at the toes. At the heel this tube has an integrated angle which clings to the natural shape of the foot. So much for theory! But besides their purpose of warming your feet, socks also regulate perspiration, absorb the sweat and transport it to areas where it can evaporate. A distinction is made between socks, ankle socks, and knee-high socks. Ankle socks extend to the ankle or lower and sometimes are made of only one piece. Socks which extend to the knee or higher are called knee-high socks or over-the-knee socks.

adidas T Crew Sock AOP Orange Black White 12.95€   adidas Solid Crew 2PP Socks Pink White Blue 11.95€   adidas Trefoil Ank Stripes Mystic Ink Grey... 12.95€   adidas Solid Crew Mela Black White Burgundy 12.95€   adidas T Crew Sock AOP Blue White Black 12.95€   adidas T Crew Sock AOP Grey Multicolor 12.95€   adidas Solid Crew Mela Raw Pink White... 12.95€   adidas NMD Sock Black 14.95€   Stance Gladiator Crew Womens Running Socks... 17.99€   Stance Starter Zone Tab Womens Running Socks... 14.99€   Stance Starter Zone Crew Womens Running... 17.99€   Stance Empower Crew Running Socks Blue 17.99€   New Balance N 5050 Crew Socks 3 Pair Black 9.95€   Stance Honor Crew LW Running Socks Black 17.99€   Stance Clutch Tomboy Womens Socks Purple 11.99€   Stance Funkadelic Womens Socks Multi 11.99€   Stance Mood Crew Womens Run Socks Violet 17.99€   Stance Fuel Crew Womens Run Socks Grey 17.99€   Stance Concrete Crew Womens Run Socks Black 17.99€   Stance Motivation Tab Womens Run Socks Purple 14.99€   Stance Uncommon Solids Crew Running Socks Blue 17.99€   Stance Uncommon Solids Quarter Running Socks... 15.99€   Stance Momentum Crew Running Socks Mint 17.99€   Stance Hysteric Crew Running Socks Black 17.99€   Stance Falcon Crew Running Socks Multi 17.99€   Stance Momentum Quarter Running Socks Mint 15.99€   Stance Speed Tab Running Socks Purple 14.99€   Stance Endeavor Tab Running Socks Volt 14.99€   Stance Pair Of Hearts Socks Black 12.95€   Stance Alien Acid Womens Socks Multi 11.99€   Stance Flamencos Socks Grey 11.95€   Stance Heart Bandit Socks Red 11.95€   Stance Motivation Crew Womens Run Socks Purple 17.99€   Stance Fuel Tab Lite Womens Run Socks Grey 14.99€   Stance Hello Kitty Tab Womens Run Socks Grey 15.99€   Stance Uncommon Solids Crew Running Socks... 17.99€   Stance Lounge Bird Socks Navy 14.99€   Stance San Blas Socks Multi 10.95€   Stance Serenade Socks Multi 12.95€   Stance Ysidro Socks Blue 8.95€   Stance Dia Socks Navy 11.95€   Stance Dia Socks Grey 11.95€   Stance Topanga Socks Red 12.95€   Stance Indicator Socks Red 12.95€   Stance Shukufuku Classic Crew Womens Socks... 14.99€   Stance Fukuko Womens Socks Purple 13.99€   Stance Hello Kitty Womens Socks White 15.95€  
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Regardless of whether you look for socks in black or white for your business outfit or want to attract attention with multi-coloured patterns – everybody can make a find at our shop. Stance is a brand which designs socks in cooperation with real skateboarding professionals like Chris Cole. But no matter what kind of socks you prefer, brand-name socks have convinced us for years due to their high quality and useful purpose. But hooped socks still enjoy absolute cult status.


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