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Just like the labels Lacoste and K-Swiss, the founders of HUB Footwear have their origin in tennis. The two former professional tennis players from the Netherlands try, in the matter of design, not to place special emphasis on the sportiness of their models. Nevertheless, HUB produces sporty shoes with a high wearing comfort, scrupulously paying attention to the style and significance of the shoes. This lifestyle brand produces high-quality sneakers, boots and ankle boots with a harmonious combination of classical and fashionable elements. HUB shoes are comfortable, sporty and also contemporary - quite a difficult balancing act. But with regard to the derivation of the brand's name, the founders brilliantly mastered it.

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HUB Fuji Heavy Canvas Arona Blue White 55.96€   HUB Boss Canvas Navy White 63.96€   HUB Kyoto Canvas Greyish White 63.96€   HUB Millennium Leather Shetland White 89.90€   129.95€  HUB Queen Nubuck Gefüttert Cognac Off White 79.90€   114.95€  HUB Vermont Nubuck Cognac Off White 79.90€   114.95€  HUB Vermont Nubuck Dark Taupe Light Grey 79.90€   114.95€  HUB Queen Nubuck Gefüttert Dark Taupe Lite Grey 79.90€   114.95€  HUB Mark L30 Leather Dark Brown White 79.90€   119.95€  HUB Mark L30 Leather Cognac White 79.90€   119.95€  HUB Murrayfield Leather Dogwood Off White 79.90€   119.95€  HUB Fuji Canvas Greyish White 55.96€   HUB Kyoto Canvas White White 63.96€   HUB Kyoto Canvas Navy White 63.96€   HUB Fuji Canvas Ice Flow White 48.97€   69.95€  HUB Newport Canvas Black White 55.97€   79.95€  HUB Newport Canvas Beige White 55.97€   79.95€  HUB Chucker Canvas Black Off White 63.96€   HUB Kyoto W DS Ice Flow White 53.97€   89.95€  HUB Ashbury Fine Heavy Canvas Denim Blue White 55.96€   HUB Tin Leather Gefüttert Dark Brown White 90.97€   129.95€  HUB Mark Leather Black White 65.97€   109.95€  HUB Brixton Leather Dark Grey Light Grey 65.97€   109.95€  HUB Camden Leather Dark Blue Light Grey 59.97€   99.95€  HUB Camden Leather White White 71.97€   119.95€  HUB Morris W Leather Dark Brown Black 90.97€   129.95€  HUB Aston Leather Dark Brown Black 90.97€   129.95€  HUB Triumph Leather Dark Brown Black 97.97€   139.95€  HUB Austin Leather Dark Brown Black 97.97€   139.95€  HUB Clapham Canvas Marron White 59.97€   99.95€  HUB Jensen LN Leather NT Lumberjack Dark... 77.97€   129.95€  HUB Jensen LN Leather NT Lumberjack Cognac... 77.97€   129.95€  HUB DHL Leather lining Burgundy White 65.97€   109.95€  HUB Lomu Leather Dark Brown 111.97€   159.95€ 

The name "HUB" is a synonym for all the hubs in this world, namely vibrant places and metropolises. Therefore, the label tries to capture the constant changes in and around big cities which then should be reflected in the design of the sneakers. The natural charme of the HUB shoes is expressed by the fabrication and the high-quality materials used. Huub Boeckel and Tim Rompa, both Dutchmen, are the creative minds and founders of HUB Footwear. With their men's shoes and women's shoes, they don't only score with regard to stylish looks, but HUB shoes simply are comfortable and perfectly made for your everyday life. Just slip in and feel at ease!


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