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Slip-ons for men – absolutely in vogue!

Slip-ons are a must-have – also for men – since they can nicely be combined with almost any outfit. You can easily and comfortably put on these shoes – slip-ons neither have laces nor Velcro® fasteners. With TOMS slip-ons in multilayer design you even do good: when the American Blake Mycoskie travelled through Argentina he noticed that the children there had no shoes. That’s why he founded the TOMS brand: “With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need” – these shoes are given to children in countries like Zambia, Cambodia or Mongolia.

TOMS Classics Navy Suede Blanket Stitch 62.96€   TOMS Mens Classic Red Mahogany Canvas 39.96€   TOMS Classics Natural Burlap 39.96€   TOMS Classics Deep Ocean Coated Linen Rope Sole 44.96€   TOMS Classics Drizzle Grey Canvas 39.96€   TOMS Classics Blue Aster Canvas 39.96€   TOMS Classics Espadrilles Bright Orange Canvas 35.96€   Paez Essentials Mens Woods 35.96€   TOMS Classics Navy Canvas Birds of Paradise 39.96€   TOMS Classics Oxford Tan Canvas Hibiscus... 39.96€   TOMS Classics Optic White Canvas 39.96€   TOMS Classics Navy White Woven Cultural 39.96€   TOMS Classics Navy Canvas Hibiscus Rope Sole 39.96€   Native Venice Jiffy Black Shell White 38.97€   64.95€  Superga 4524 Cotu Blue Mid Cobalt 20.97€   29.95€  Superga 4524 Cotu White 20.97€   29.95€  TOMS Classics Blue Batik Textile 34.97€   49.95€  TOMS Classics Black Burlap 44.95€   TOMS Mens Avalon Slip On Black Full Grain... 50.97€   84.95€  TOMS Mens Avalon Slip On Navy Suede with... 41.97€   59.95€  TOMS Classics Red Canvas 35.96€   Fred Perry Turner Slip On Pigment Dyed... 44.97€   74.95€  Element Andersen Grey 35.97€   59.95€  TOMS Mens Avalon Sneaker Ash Canvas 38.47€   54.95€  TOMS Mens Avalon Sneaker Dark Denim Canvas 38.47€   54.95€  TOMS Mens Avalon Sneaker Black Canvas 38.47€   54.95€  TOMS Classics Black White Cultural Woven 34.97€   49.95€  TOMS Classics Black Black 44.95€   TOMS Classics Natural Canvas 31.97€   Element Andersen Off White Paisl 35.97€   59.95€  Element Andersen Floral 35.97€   59.95€  TOMS Classics Navy Canvas 39.96€   TOMS Classics Ash Canvas 44.95€   TOMS Classics Black Canvas 44.95€   Espadrij l'originale Classic Men Fuchsia 17.97€   29.95€  Espadrij l'originale Classic Men Coral 17.97€   29.95€  Espadrij l'originale Classic Men Blue 17.97€   29.95€  Victoria Camping Copete 06817 Blanco White 19.90€   39.95€  Victoria Camping Copete 06817 Marron Brown 19.90€   39.95€  Victoria Camping Copete 06817 Francia Royal 19.90€   39.95€  Victoria Camping Copete 06817 Negro Black 19.90€   39.95€  Victoria Camping Copete 06817 Verde Green 19.90€   39.95€ 

You can easily slip into your shoes; that’s why these shoes are called slip-ons. Thus, they are also suitable for the summer. No matter which design you prefer – a discreet pattern or loud colours – you will surely make a find at our online shop. But slip-ons can’t only be combined with casual clothes; we also offer neat versions you can wear at work, e.g. Fred Perry slip-ons, which perfectly match your business look thanks to discreet colours, slender styles and high-quality processing. Apart from hip designs we set great value upon the fit and wearing comfort of the shoes since there’s nothing like perfectly-fitting shoes! In addition to classic slip-ons, e.g. from Boxfresh, we can also provide you with many slip-ons with colourful designs like fashionable ones from Lacoste.

If you prefer the style of skaters, come and take a look at our Vans slip-ons. These classic canvas slip-ons have their roots in the skate scene of California and will, therefore, support you when you perform new stunts. You can’t only combine slip-ons with pants; on warm summer days you can also combine them with shorts. And they’re also suitable on the beach since they are light and can easily be stored away in your backpack. For those of you who live a vegan lifestyle, we also have vegan slip-ons on offer. Vegans, by the way, reject any use or exploitation of animals or animal products like dairy products, meat or even honey.

If this wasn’t enough, you can also have a look at our adidas products or all the other products we have on offer at our online shop. Enjoy!


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