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The brand's name has its origin in the Latin language and means "beyond", "over and above". In 2006, the brand captured the sneaker market and has since become an integral part in the world of shoes. Supra shoes are highly comfortable, have a high-quality fabrication and cutting-edge designs and these are only some reasons for the sound market position. The company is based in sunny California; from there it has been able to capture the whole world. The casual designs unite quiet but also loud colours and trendy shapes so that Supra shoes have convinced customers all over the world. Angel Cabada, co-founder of the KR3W apparel company, established Supra as a sub-brand. KR3W solely produces clothing for skaters; therefore, it's not surprising that the shoe brand is focussed on the same sports sector.

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Supra Vaider Black Red White 65.97€   109.95€  Supra Muska Skytop Black White 74.97€   124.95€  Supra Muska Skytop Black Fibreglass White 74.97€   124.95€  Supra Vaider Light Grey Black White 65.97€   109.95€  Supra Muska Skytop Brown Red Gum 74.97€   124.95€  Supra Bandit Brown Red Herringbone White 53.97€   89.95€  Supra Vaider Charcoal Black White 65.97€   109.95€  Supra Muska Skytop Navy White 74.97€   124.95€  Supra Muska Skytop Burgundy White 74.97€   124.95€  Supra Muska Skytop III CD White Black White 65.97€   109.95€  Supra Vaider RCS Black Black Red 65.97€   109.95€  Supra Stacks Vulc II Navy Red White 41.97€   69.95€  Supra Society II White White Red 83.97€   139.95€  Supra Society II RCS Black Black Red 83.97€   139.95€  Supra Hammer Run Navy Hemp White 39.90€   79.95€  Supra Hammer Run Black Blue Print White 39.90€   79.95€  Supra Hammer Run Red Red 39.90€   79.95€  Supra Muska Skytop Classic Black Black Red RCS 74.97€   124.95€  Supra Muska Skytop HF Magnet Grey 64.90€   129.95€  Supra Khan Black White White 49.90€   99.95€  Supra Hammer Run White White 39.90€   79.95€  Supra Kids Vaider Black Camo White 24.90€   59.95€  Supra Kids Skytop Black Brass White 29.90€   64.95€  Supra Kids Skytop Red Black White 29.90€   64.95€  Supra Wmns Cuttler Black Cheetah White 34.90€   89.95€  Supra Wmns Muska Skytop Black White White 34.90€   99.95€ 

The skater team, currently consisting of 15 skaters, reflects the authenticity of the brand. So we can say, that Supra is made by skaters for skaters. The brand is even managed by acting skaters. Hence, it's no wonder that Supra sets great value upon functionality when developing new shoes. A high breathability and water repellence are important features skaters often demand. In addition, Supra shoes are extremely durable so that they should withstand stresses and strains while skating. At the production, different sorts of leather, e.g. smooth leather or suede, and high-quality synthetics are used. Most of the models have an unusually high collar which is supposed to increase the foothold. The cushioning especially developed for Supra shoes is to cushion high jumps and will give you optimum control on your board. But you can also wear these functional skater shoes in the streets since they convince with comfort and fashionable designs. At our shop, you will find a wide range of Supra shoes neatly arranged: Both men and women can make a find and even supporters of vegan footwear can discover Supra shoes here.


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