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Those who think that sneakers are an invention of modern times are mistaken. For almost 100 years, sneakers have been known as noiseless, comfortable shoes. Today, the term covers the wide range of sport shoes people wear in the streets. Therefore, a sneaker shop is often called a gym shoe shop but this term isn't always correct. At our shop, you can find a great choice of sneakers from different brands, with various shapes and made of several materials. Sneakers and skate shoes are designed to be worn in the streets, therefore they offer a high level of comfort regardless of whether you search for men's sneakers or women's sneakers. For either sex, we have a large variety of sneakers on offer. Many different styles can be found at our online shop supplied by genuine sneaker brands like adidas, Nike, K-Swiss or Vans. For the summer, you might like some ballerinas, airy sandals or comfortable slip-ons – we have shoes for everybody's flavour. And as most feet wish for something warm and cosy in winter, you can discover winter shoes and boots as well, for example from Lacoste. For transitional periods or mild winter days, you can look for the most fashionable ankle boots from brands like Hub or Keds. Especially shoes designed by Hub have become forerunners in terms of ankle boots. Environmentally conscious purchasing is an important matter for us, too. Thus, we make sure to buy vegan shoes as well, for which we additionally established an extra category at our online shop named „Vegan“. And what can be better than providing your children with great comfortable and durable shoes, too? We offer children's sneakers from various brands.

If you want to get more information on shoes and new trends of the footwear sector, don't hesitate to have a look at our blog regularly. We constantly try to collect and post the latest trends concerning sneakers and skate shoes but also women's shoes like boots or ballerinas. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy shopping at our online shop!