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Know-how – large selection – perfect service – professional advice

Our range of shoes is perfectly complemented by a full choice of accessories, bags, backpacks, caps, beanies and much more.

We have something for every foot!

We strive to help anyone who wants to wear nice shoes. Good news for those who never find something suitable because their feet are too large. And for those still sitting in a BUGGY and suffering from the fact that their parents just don’t get how important style is for their kids, even if they don’t know yet how to walk.
And for all those committed to fighting for environmental protection and animal welfare with admirable perseverance. ONLY VEGAN now available at SCHUHDEALER.

We're real!

All our products are 100% genuine and are purchased directly from the manufacturer.

What makes us so special

We have been selling shoes for almost 10 years now and love this job more than ever. This should be perceptible to each and every customer........Know-how, variety, advice and service.
Due to our longstanding experience, we enjoy a high level of trust among our suppliers. Therefore, we are one of the few internet traders who can also offer special and limited collections.


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