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The wardrobe of many women is bulging with bags and backpacks but some still feel the need for more. Sporty, stylish or elegant: the assortment of bags and backpacks seems to be unlimited and there’s a bag for any occasion or preferred style. A bag or backpack emphasizes your current look or can help you perfect your outfit. But also men need to stow away basic necessities like keys, a wallet, a mobile phone and many other things in a stylistically confident and weatherproof way – so why not use a bag or backpack?

Incase Compass Backpack Navy 99.90€   Carhartt WIP Watch Backpack Soot Black 49.95€   Carhartt WIP Kickflip Backpack Dark Navy 74.95€   Carhartt WIP Kickflip Backpack Amarone 74.95€   Carhartt WIP Phil Backpack Duck Black 79.00€   Incase Compass Messenger Navy 89.90€   Incase Compass Messenger Black 89.90€   Incase Compass Messenger Bag Bronze 89.90€   Incase Compass Backpack Deep Red 99.90€   Incase Compass Backpack Bronze 99.90€   Incase Sport Field Bag Lite Backpack Black 124.90€   Carhartt WIP Phil Backpack Hamilton Brown 79.95€   Incase MacBook Pro 13" Neoprene Classic... 39.90€   Incase MacBook 12" Slim Sleeve Heather Navy 49.90€   Incase MacBook 13" Ariaprene Classic Sleeve... 39.90€   Incase MacBook 15" Neoprene Classic Sleeve... 39.90€   Incase Icon Lite Pack Backpack Bronze 119.90€   Oakley Link Pack Blue Indigo 79.96€   Oakley Kitchen Sink LX Grigo Scuro 199.96€   Oakley Bathroom Sink LX Grigo Scuro 149.96€   Oakley Holbrook 20L Backpack Blackout 43.96€   Oakley Enduro 30L 2.0 Grigo Scuro 71.96€   Incase City General Tote Bag Black 69.90€   Incase City Duffel Bag Heather Black 109.90€   Incase Icon Lite Pack Backpack Anthracite 119.90€   Incase Icon Lite Pack Backpack Navy 119.90€   Incase MacBook 13" Ariaprene Classic Sleeve... 39.90€   Incase MacBook 12" Neoprene Classic Sleeve... 39.90€   Incase MacBook 13" Neoprene Classic Sleeve... 39.90€   Incase iPad Pro 12.9" Slim Sleeve with... 59.90€   Incase Photo DSLR Pro Pack Nylon Black 199.90€   Incase iPad Pro 12,9" Slim Sleeve with... 59.90€   Incase MacBook 12" Slim Sleeve Heather Black 49.90€   Ucon Ison Backpack Black Grey 48.97€   69.95€  Ucon Eaton Backpack Grey Sand 55.97€   79.95€  Ucon Eames Backpack Black 62.97€   89.95€  Ucon Bryce Backpack Black Grey 62.97€   89.95€  Ucon Bradley Backpack Black 69.97€   99.95€  Ucon Earl Backpack Grey 62.97€   89.95€  Ucon Sakura Bag Black 27.97€   39.95€  Oakley Link Duffel Jet Black 79.96€   Oakley Link Duffel Blue Shade 79.96€   Oakley Link Pack Jet Black 79.96€   Oakley Gearbox LX Jet Black 79.96€   Oakley Enduro 25 Pack Burnished 59.96€   Oakley Overdrive Pack Forged Iron 67.96€   Ucon Isobel Backpack Black 55.97€   79.95€ 
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By definition, a bag is a container used to carry things. A backpack is a bag you carry on your back. Shoulder straps, which have been padded in some cases, allow you to comfortably carry many things. In order to reduce the load on your shoulders, many backpacks have supporting frames and a waist belt so that the weight of the backpack will rest on your hip. Therefore, you can also carry heavy things from A to B. Backpacks underline a sporty outfit and normally offer more space than handbags or shoulder bags. At the Schuhdealer online shop, we have many bags and backpacks on offer and you can find brands like adidas or Salomon. So if you want to order new shoes, just have a look, maybe you’ll find a matching bag or backpack. Order at our shop and have all the things delivered home.


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