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Headphones – everybody is familiar with them. By definition headphones are sound transducers which are held in place close to the user's ears. Unfortunately, we don’t exactly know who initially invented headphones; therefore, it’s not possible to mention the inventor here. Headphones indeed are no recent invention but they have experienced a real revival since recently. Today, they aren’t only practical devices but rather are lifestyle accessories and people don’t want to do without them. The first headphones already existed before the First World War, but they were still in their infancy back then.

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The continuous boom in the sector of headphones is due to the fact that today’s headphones are real eye-catchers and promise state-of-the-art sound technology. Besides small in-ear versions, circumaural headphones are real blockbusters – they surround the outer ear with large pads. WeSC headphones combine a superb sound and unique designs with many important features in order to create better and more flamboyant headphones. Stylishly shaped WeSC headphones can also be obtained in a great variety of colours and colour combinations so that everybody should make a find: from modest grey or olive to trendy combinations of loud colours like pink, violet, green/white, white/gold. The assortment of designs is overwhelming – stylish WeSC headphones should be part of any fashion outfit. When developing headphones, WeSC sets great value upon blocking ambient sounds, the design of hot styles and the creation of utmost wearing comfort. In our opinion, headphones are lifestyle accessories and everybody should allow themselves to listen to music – be it at the office, during leisure time or at home. So come and find stylish Incase and WeSC headphones at our online shop.

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