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Shoe care – in no way outdated

People in many parts of Germany put their cleaned shoes outside the front door on 6 December so that St. Nicholas can fill the boots with sweets and gifts. Children enjoy cleaning their shoes in winter when St. Nicholas Day is near, but for the rest almost nobody likes to clean shoes. But the cleanliness of shoes reveals the character of the person wearing the shoes – that is what our grandfathers always tell us.

Shoe care in the 21st century…

… is easier than many people think it is. You can treat your shoes with proper shoe care products, e.g. Collonil shoe care products, within a very short time. If dirt and mud cover your new sneakers you can wipe your shoes clean with a damp cloth or use a brush in the case of strong soiling. But never place your shoes in the blazing sun or on the heater, otherwise the upper will become brittle because of the high temperatures and dry air. You can stow your wet sneakers, e.g. Boxfresh sneakers, with newsprint since the paper will absorb the moisture and will, therefore, accelerate the process of drying. Moreover, the shoe won’t deform when being stowed with newspaper. When your leather shoe is dry, you can treat it with shoe polish in order to increase the durability of the leather upper, otherwise it can become brittle. Conventional shoe polish is just the thing for leather shoes since it also protects the leather of your shoes. If the upper of your shoes is made of suede or mixed materials you can clean it just like a leather shoe. Afterwards you can use shoe polish with a neutral colour or an appropriate spray for a higher durability, e.g. a care spray or waterproofing spray. Shoes with a textile upper can also be cleaned in the washing machine, but please select gentle wash, use a mild detergent and don’t spin-dry. Don’t place them in the sun, let them dry slowly at room temperature. It is appropriate to stow them with newspaper as well to accelerate the process of drying and to keep the shape of the shoes. Shoe care is essential to increase the durability of the shoes and to ensure a well-groomed appearance regardless of the type of shoes you prefer. Collonil shoe care products for sure are the right choice.


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