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The young shoe label Bagua is based in Paris the capital of France  and provides from over there the whole world with their unique shoes. The French orientate themselves on the oldest shoe form at all for their shoes- the classic Kong Fu shoe. This shoe was already worn by the Kung Fu master Dong Hai Chuan, and you can find them in the Bruce Lee movies as well. Even today a lot of Chinese wear the shoes of Bagua when practicing martial arts or Tai-Chi. Bagua tries to unite day and night, old and new, Ying and Yang in it´s products. In any case Bagua can stand up to everyone else, the shoes aren´t just playing in the highest league because of their design but also the used premium materials and the high-quality processing can speak for themselves. No matter where you are on your way, the shoes of Bagua are always an eye-catcher and are across-the-board suitable for every generation. Young and old are both amazed by the shoes Bagua releases on the market, that proofs style certainty. Another reason for us to be glad for the ability to offer these titbits to you in our online shop.

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