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Birkenstock? Those old-fashioned orthopaedic nightmares commonly worn with white tennis socks by tacky German tourists? Far from it! These times are long gone and the iconic comfy slides have since become a fashion must-have. International stars such as Madonna, top models such as Heidi Klum and fashionistas all around the globe swear by the very convenient and stylish high-quality Birkenstock sandals which are now sold in some 90 countries.

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Birkenstock Amsterdam NU Steer Taupe 79.95€   Papillio by Birkenstock Daytona TX Floral... 74.95€   Papillio by Birkenstock Gizeh PAP Two Tone... 64.95€   Papillio by Birkenstock Cora BF Two Tone... 49.95€   Papillio by Birkenstock Arizona PAP Two Tone... 64.95€   Papillio by Birkenstock Charlize VL Silver... 74.95€   Papillio by Birkenstock Boston PAP Shiny... 69.95€   Papillio by Birkenstock Florida PAP Shiny... 59.95€   Papillio by Birkenstock Boston PAP Shiny... 69.95€   Papillio by Birkenstock Florida PAP Shiny... 59.95€   Birkenstock Scarba Women NL Black 129.95€   Birkenstock Bartlett Men NL Espresso 149.95€   Birkenstock Bartlett Men NL Asphalt 149.95€   Birkenstock Bandon VL Espresso 129.95€   Birkenstock Navarino NL Black Black 129.95€   Birkenstock Timmins High NL/WZ Cuoio 159.95€   Birkenstock Gilford High Women NL Black 159.95€   Birkenstock Bartlett Women Brown Felt 139.95€   Birkenstock Bartlett Women Black Felt 139.95€   Birkenstock Scarba Women NL Espresso 129.95€   Birkenstock Islay Women NL Black 129.95€   Birkenstock Islay Women NU Asphalt 129.95€   Birkenstock Islay Women NB Taupe 129.95€   Birkenstock Amsterdam NU Steer Chocolate 79.95€   Birkenstock Amsterdam BZ Anthrazit 49.95€   Birkenstock Boston Wollfilz Hellgrau 69.95€   Birkenstock Boston Wollfilz Cacoa 69.95€   Birkenstock Amsterdam BZ Hellgrau 49.95€   Birkenstock Boston FL Schwarz 89.95€   Birkenstock Boston NL Schwarz 84.95€   Birkenstock Boston SFB BF Desert Soil Espresso 84.95€   Birkenstock Arizona NL Hailstorm Brown Silver 69.90€   Birkenstock Rio Kids BF Magic Galaxy Red 34.90€   Birkenstock Yara BF Graceful Orchid 59.90€   Birkenstock Arizona BF Graceful Sea 54.90€   Birkenstock Boston Lammfell VL Mink 119.95€   Birkenstock Gizeh SFB BF Myda Wine 54.90€   Birkenstock Arizona HEX NL Spotted Metallic... 59.90€   Birkenstock Arizona HEX NL Spotted Metallic... 59.90€   Birkenstock Anguilla Kids BF Two Tone Black... 44.90€   Birkenstock Arizona BF Lack Two Tone Wine Flame 54.90€   Birkenstock Gizeh HEX NL Spotted Metallic Brown 59.90€   Birkenstock Gizeh HEX NL Spotted Metallic... 59.90€   Birkenstock Arizona Kids BF Nubuk Navy 34.90€   Birkenstock Kids Rio BF Shiny Snake Cream 34.90€   Birkenstock Madrid Big Buckle NL Black 79.95€   Birkenstock Arizona FL WB Tobacco Brown 74.90€  

Today, the tradition-rich family-run business based in Neustadt is not only one of the top five global footwear brands, but also one of the most well-known German brands in the world. First mentioned in 1774, the company soon became known for producing flexible footbed insoles. At the beginning of the 1960s, Karl Birkenstock eventually developed the matching shoes – the famous Birkenstock sandals were born. Today, after more than 200 years of company history, Birkenstock stands for quality “Made in Germany” and excellent comfort. This is due above all to the unique, anatomically shaped Birkenstock footbed. Its ergonomic construction supports the natural posture of your feet and provides relieve for your joints while exercising your leg muscles. Only natural materials from sustainable sources of raw materials such as natural cork and latex, jute and suede are used in production to ensure maximum comfort and a healthy environment for your feet. In addition, all Birkenstock models are mainly made by hand with great attention to detail. They are available in a large variety of fashionable designs and colours ranging from clean, monochrome styles and delicate pastel shades to metallic effects and exotic patterns. These lightweight and durable sandals are extremely versatile and a classic wardrobe staple. Do your feet a favour while looking stylish with a new pair of Birkenstock sandals!


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