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In 1989, the year of turmoils and revolution, the label Boxfresh was foundet in London. This period of time, which can nowadays be found in every history book, was characterised by the end of the cold war, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the beginning of the Bush era in the USA and the emergence of new music genres and youth cultures - the right time for young, innovative and casual fashion. With its basic idea to absorb the youth's zeitgeist and to sensitively capture the changes in the youth culture, Boxfresh still is in close touch with the latest trends. The origin of the brand's name can be explained as follows: shoes fresh out of the box. This paraphrase has its roots in the New York Hip Hop scene.

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At the beginning, Boxfresh used to be a label which only produced t-shirts. In 2006, it had its international breakthrough when the first shoe collection was launched. Further collections followed with groundbreaking success and despite trends coming and going, Boxfresh shoes have again and again won through on the fashion market. That's why the headline for Boxfresh sneakers could read "Innovative and fashionable, but always up-to-date". Anyhow, the label and its founders have never lost ground. But they couldn't hide their success from competitors. Consequently, the number of shoe brands that also specialised on classic leather shoes was rising. Not all of them were successful. Besides Boxfresh, brands like Pointer, Frank Wright or Hub became prevalent. You can have a look at the whole range of Hub shoes at our Hub Shop.
Boxfresh cooperates with different artists of the music scene and graffiti scene and this cooperation results in individual products reflecting the London lifestyle. The label focuses on classic colours like black, brown, white and grey and mainly uses leather or canvas. Its men's shoes and women's shoes can be combined with modest outfits, but also stylish and extraordinary outfits can be completed with Boxfresh sneakers. Therefore, Boxfresh shoes aren't only streetwear but also clubwear indeed. The slender shape with a flat, understated and slightly profiled sole is typical for these shoes. Many of them are mid-cut sneakers which have a classic lacing and often a Velcro® fastener. The price structure is noteworthy as well - not too expensive and located in the mid-range price segment. But also vegan shoes are part of the product range offered by Boxfresh so that devotees of vegan shoes can also make a find at our shop.


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