A grey and rainy day is ideal for wearing wellies as they are convenient, keep your feet dry and have a slip-resistant sole. But these functional bad weather shoes weren't really appealing yet as there were only plain and boring designs available. A young brand called Evercreatures has set itself to create new, stylish rubber boots. Based in the UK, this family business has been providing colourful wellington boots with lovely designs for women, men and kids since 2004. These brightly coloured wellies from Evercreatures are already part of Great Britain's street styles: they have captured London City and are basic equipment of fashion-forward festival-goers.

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Evercreatures stands for cutting-edge designs and latest manufacturing engineering. Their stylish wellies are made from high-quality natural rubber or flexible EVA, which has a high UV resistance. Every pair of Evercreatures' wellington boots is tested to be 100% waterproof before it is put up for sale. The boots are easy to clip on and slip off thanks to convenient features such as elastic inserts at the collar or lateral buckles.

If you like colourful and funky styles, don't miss out on exceptional wellies designed by Evercreatures. An innovative company from Bristol, Evercreatures offer casual, loud or playful rubber boots that can be combined with almost any outfit. Discover our selection of wellies online at www.schuhdealer.com.

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