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Right from the beginning, Carhartt has pursued an objective: its products were supposed to be of high quality and extremely durable. Founded in 1889 in Detroit by Hamilton Carhartt, the brand had produced mainly workwear. The first product to leave Hamilton Carhartt's workshop was an overall for railroad workers and down to the present day, this brand has proved a recipe for high-quality workwear which is mainly sold on the US-American market. In the 20th century, the brand with the large "C" decided to also produce streetwear apart from workwear. Inspired by the then skater scene, the company designed its first clothes intended to be worn in the streets.

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Carhartt WIP W' Bib Overall Blue Rinsed 119.90€   Carhartt WIP Sid Pant Lamar Leather Beige... 69.90€   Carhartt WIP Regular Cargo Pant Cypress Rinsed 99.90€   Carhartt WIP Regular Cargo Pant Black 99.90€   Carhartt WIP Sid Pant Lamar Hamilton Brown... 69.90€   Carhartt WIP Cargo Bermuda Air Force Grey 79.90€   Carhartt WIP Cargo Bermuda Blue Rinsed 79.90€   Carhartt WIP Cargo Bermuda Camo Combat Green 89.90€   Carhartt WIP John Short Midvale Blue Iris 49.90€   Carhartt WIP Swell Short Wichita Rover Green 49.90€   Carhartt WIP Swell Short Spicer Blue One Wash 49.90€   Carhartt WIP Johnson Pant Midvale Moor 69.90€   Carhartt WIP Swell Short Wichita Air Force Grey 49.90€   Carhartt WIP Kickflip Backpack Blacksmith 59.90€   Carhartt WIP Vega Pullover Camo Tiger Desert... 109.90€   159.95€  Carhartt WIP Vega Pullover Jacket Rover... 99.90€   149.95€  Carhartt WIP Peace Sweat Black Multicolor 49.90€   Carhartt WIP S/S Script T-Shirt White Camo... 19.90€   29.95€  Carhartt WIP Hooded Division Sweat Grey... 49.90€   79.95€  Carhartt WIP W' Aviation Pant Black Rinsed 79.90€   Carhartt WIP W Nimbus Jacket Supplex Dusty Blue 99.90€   Carhartt WIP Script T-Shirt Heather Grey White 19.90€   29.95€  Carhartt WIP Nimbus Jacket Supplex Stone Blue 99.90€   Carhartt WIP Nimbus Jacket Supplex Cypress 99.90€   Carhartt WIP Cargo Pant Camo Combat Green... 99.90€   Carhartt WIP Cargo Pant Air Force Grey Rinsed 89.90€   Carhartt WIP Aviation Cargo Pant Camo Combat... 89.90€   Carhartt WIP Marshall Jogger Black Rinsed 59.90€   Carhartt WIP Marshall Jogger Cypress Rinsed 59.90€   Carhartt WIP L/S Madison Shirt Dark Navy 49.90€   Carhartt WIP L/S Button Down Pocket Shirt Dust 39.90€   59.95€  Carhartt WIP Chase Sweat Heather Grey Gold 49.90€   Carhartt WIP Sid Pant Lamar Stone Blue Rinsed 69.90€   Carhartt WIP Aviation Cargo Pant Rover Green 79.90€   Carhartt WIP L/S Graham Shirt Blast Red 59.90€   89.95€  Carhartt WIP W' Nimbus Pullover Jacket Black 119.90€   Carhartt WIP Trapper Parka Cypress Black 174.90€   249.95€  Carhartt WIP Sports Pile Coach Jacket Black 79.90€   119.95€  Carhartt WIP L/S Stray Script T-Shirt Dark Navy 34.90€   49.95€  Carhartt WIP Nimbus Pullover Jacket Camo... 119.90€   Carhartt WIP W' L/S Salinas Dress Soot 69.90€   99.95€  Carhartt WIP W' Beta Pullover Cinder 89.90€   129.95€  Carhartt WIP W' Anchorage Parka Amarone Black 139.90€   199.95€  Carhartt WIP L/S Josh Shirt Blacksmith 39.90€   59.95€  Carhartt WIP L/S Norton Shirt Navy Ink Heather 39.90€   59.95€  Carhartt WIP Clash Parka Cypress 169.90€   Carhartt WIP Nimbus Pullover Jacket Steel Navy 99.90€   149.95€ 
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But the company has always stuck to its basic principle. Therefore, also the streetwear products convince with durability, sturdiness and comfort, are very functional and nearly indestructible and adapt to the active life of the skaters, never leaving them in the lurch. Skaters highly esteem the modest, sporty design of Carhartt WIP clothes which are made of premium fabrics and, thus, are especially durable. Accordingly, the brand can now often be seen in the skateboarding and BMX scene and in the hip-hop culture. The great variety of Carhartt WIP products ranges from pants to shirts, jackets and even socks and you can also buy accessories like caps and hats, wallets, bags and belts. The assortment has been diversified during the past years and now attends to men and women in equal measure. Not every garment has the esteemed modest design since Carhartt WIP has also launched T-shirts with striking prints which have the potential of being a collectible. The brand rolls out beautiful clothes both in summer and in winter; the winter jackets, for example, are very warm and convince due to their modest but functional design. Everybody should be equipped with a windbreaker for transitional periods you can also combine with a sweater or hooded jacket on cold days. And the big hit: Carhartt WIP cargo pants which are available in many different colours. For warm days, we can recommend the Carhartt WIP chino pants. Apart from the wide variety of clothes, Carhartt WIP has perfect BMX equipment on offer as well. Hence, it is not surprising that the company is sponsor of various events in the sector of skateboarding, BMX and snowboarding to actively promote the breathtaking Carhartt WIP fashion and to convince thrilled fans. At our shop, you can find the Carhartt WIP products neatly arranged. We hope you enjoy shopping for Carhartt WIP products!


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