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The German physician Dr. Klaus Märtens, who served in the armed forces in World War II, designed the first prototype of Dr. Martens’ shoes, also known as Doc Martens, few weeks after World War II was over. His aim was to develop sturdy shoes that featured a softer sole than conventional work boots at that time. With this prototype he convinced his friend Herbert Funck, who had studied with Märtens at the University of Munich. In 1947 they became partners and started in a small town called Seeshaupt to develop soles for their shoes made of discarded rubber from the German Luftwaffe. The shoulder boards of the uniforms were used as insoles and the leather of officer’s leather pants was used as upper for the production of the boots. It was an advantageous moment for selling them since people wished for more comfortable shoes.

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Dr. Martens Pascal Stud Black Patent Lamper 135.96€   Dr. Martens Pascal W/Zip Aunt Sally Black 143.96€   Dr. Martens Pascal DF Darcy Floral Black 143.96€   Dr. Martens Pascal 8 Eye Boot Antique... 143.96€   Dr. Martens Newton 8 Eye Temperley Cherry Red 127.96€   Dr. Martens 1461 Vegan 3 Eye Shoe Cherry Red 127.96€   Dr. Martens 1461 W/ZIP Aunt Sally White 127.96€   Dr. Martens 1460 8 Eye Boot Navy Smooth 135.96€   Dr. Martens Pascal Beavis & Butthead Smooth... 125.97€   179.95€  Dr. Martens 1461 W/ZIP Black Aunt Sally 127.96€   Dr. Martens Bentley II HRT White Red... 143.96€   Dr. Martens Pascal W/ZIP White Aunt Sally 143.96€   Dr. Martens 1461Z DMC Smooth 3 Eye Black 119.96€   Dr. Martens Pascal 8 W/Zip Aunt Sally Dark Red 143.96€   Dr. Martens 1490 FL 10 Eye Boot Grenade... 151.96€   Dr. Martens 1460 8 Eye Boot Carpathian... 135.96€   Dr. Martens Cavendish 3 Eye Temperley Black 119.96€   Dr. Martens 1460 8 Eye Boot Black Carpathian 135.96€   Dr. Martens Mikey T Lamper Boot Green Orange 77.97€   129.95€  Dr. Martens Pascal 8 Eye Boot Virginia White 127.96€   Dr. Martens 1461 3 Eye Shoe Virginia Black 119.96€   Dr. Martens 1460 Mono Smooth Black 135.96€   Dr. Martens 1461 Mono Smooth White 119.96€   Dr. Martens 1461 Vegan 3 Eye Shoe Black 127.96€   Dr. Martens 1460 Vegan 8 Eye Boot Black 143.96€   Dr. Martens 1461 Mono Smooth Black 119.96€   Dr. Martens Vondal 14 Eye Boot Black 159.96€   Dr. Martens Coralie 8 Eye Boot Black Monochrome 107.97€   179.95€  Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth 8 Eye Boot Black 135.96€  

Dr. Martens shoes extremely grew in popularity so the two founders were able to open their first factory in Munich in 1952. In the course of the next decade Dr. Martens boots were sold in 200 different versions, with 80% going to women over the age of 40. Today the boots’ fashionability and suitability for daily use are combined in a perfect way. Furthermore, the brand places special emphasis on functionality so the boots enjoy great popularity all over the world. Not only is the boots’ quality outstanding, but also the value-for-money ratio is excellent since high-quality products will last longer than average. A distinctive feature of Dr. Martens shoes has always been the yellow stitching. The target group, however, has changed: they were especially popular among police officers, postmen and people in military service; today Doc Martens shoes have established as a trend and are available for men and women and as vegan shoes as well. At our shop you can now find a large variety of Dr. Martens shoes.
The lifestyle and environmental awareness of many people have changed and more and more people pay attention to what they eat and to what their clothes and shoes are made of. In order to counteract factory farming many people decided in favour of a vegan lifestyle – Doc Martens realised this trend and took it up. That’s why the brand offers certified vegan shoes, a real must-have for all animal and nature lovers that look for fashionable shoes without leather or other animal products. At this point it’s noteworthy that even the glue is free from animal products. So if you are looking for vegan shoes from Dr. Martens, you’ll definitely find them at our online shop.


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