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This brand was founded in the UK on 22 May 1905 and has since been able to establish its reputation as a popular and successful manufacturer of sports equipment. The origin of the brand’s name still is unknown – what we know is that the then copywriters were quite creative and inventive. When the first football shoe line was launched by Gola in 1930, they invented the slogan “Gola means Goal”. During the First and Second World War, the brand had to keep afloat by producing shoes for the British army. As of 1945, the brand has been able to grow further. One of the most amusing stories in the history of Gola took place in 1965: On the way to the FA Cup finals in Wembley, the Liverpool football team stopped at the Gola works to get some football shoes for free.

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The then sponsor of the Liverpool team, namely Adidas, was far from pleased with this and called for the team to play in Adidas shoes. Instead of being obedient, the rebellious Liverpool footballers had fun playing in Gola shoes on which they simply painted the three stripes typical for Adidas. Only in 1968, Gola launched the Harrier – a light indoor shoe perfectly made for squash, badminton, volleyball or similar sports. This shoe still is the flagship of the brand since its design is similar to the typical Gola sports shoes we know today. Even Geoff Capes, who twice won the title of World’s Strongest Man, wore Gola shoes on his small feet. Launching the Classics line in 2005, Gola evolved from a manufacturer of sports equipment to a fashion brand. This collection promptly won British celebrities over such as Robbie Williams, Jude Law or the boys of Coldplay. After more than 105 years of success Gola is one of the most successful and oldest brands from the UK which has also awoken enthusiasm on the Continent. Furthermore, the well-known bags of the British brand embody the sporty attitude of the Gola team and can directly be ordered here at our online shop.


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