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An accessories brand with Canadian roots, Herschel is known worldwide today. Founded in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, the Vancouver-based brand designs timeless products “with a fine regard to detail”. The name of the brand stems from Herschel, a small Canadian town, where Alexander and Annie Cormack from Scotland, ancestors of the brand’s founders, sought greener pastures in the 19th century. The couple migrated to Canada because the Canadian government promised land for cultivation. Three generations of this family grew up in the small town of Herschel.

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The founders preferred Vancouver as the location for their company, which produces top-quality bags, backpacks, travel bags, and accessories. Inspired by functional features of hiking backpacks, Herschel products are made from sturdy polyester for best durability and have a signature striped lining and a key clip. Herschel’s iPad sleeves are fully padded and fleece-lined to offer ideal protection for your devices. All products of the Canadian brand stand out due to highest quality and noble designs.

Functionality and top quality meet timeless designs

Herschel often cooperates with different designers from other brands such as New Balance or well-known fashion designer Mark McNairy. Herschel products are something different and you can enhance your outfit with these exceptional accessories. The brand remains true to its ideals, but is also able to keep pace with changing trends, be it camouflage or denim. Herschel has successfully incorporated current trends in the design of its bags and backpacks to add exceptional details and to stand out from other brands. A Canadian expert on accessories, Herschel delivers everything from backpacks to bags and protective sleeves to small accessories so you’ll be well-equipped with these products. The brand has captured the accessories market some time ago and also is a favourite among nature lovers. The collections combine the old and the new with current trends for innovative and unique products.


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