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Founder and name giver of Hurley, Bob Hurley established the company in 1979 and had produced surfboards for a long time. Later he discovered his love for fashion and streetwear and began designing cool surf wear as well. So his company is based on his “love of the ocean and its constant state of change”. Deep-rooted in beach culture, the brand places value on cohesion within the team and positive thinking. The brand was born to enable the youth to make their dreams come true – it worked out successfully! So we no longer want to keep this unique brand from you; as of now the brand’s products are available at our shop, too. The history of Hurley dates back to the late 1970s’ surfing industry in Southern California.

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By the early 1980s the company had surpassed all its expectations and soon outpaced competitors. At that time the brand’s founder, Bob Hurley, designed surfboards for the world’s best surfers, being able to establish his reputation. In 1982, Bob and his business manager targeted an Australian clothing brand: Billabong. Bob Hurley was fascinated by the styles of this brand and in particular with its boardshorts. With the aid of his family and friends he was able to establish Billabong USA, which later became Hurley. The founder was amazed by the loyalty, trust and support of the people that were involved in making this transition. He and his team will, therefore, always be thankful for the belief in his company. We now proudly present this brand which managed to become one of the world’s most successful brands by working hard and with great dedication.


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