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Similar to Lacoste, the shoe label K-Swiss has its origin in the world of tennis. In 1966, the history of the tennis shoes that, at the beginning, had completely been made of leather began in Los Angeles. Art and Ernie Brunner, two brothers from Switzerland who were passionate tennis players, emigrated to America wanting to change something in their world of tennis. That's why they began designing and producing the tennis shoes with the five stripes; still today you can recognise their skiing roots in the design of the shoes since skiing, apart from tennis, is a further passion of both of them.

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K-Swiss Baxter Black Black Black 79.95€   K-Swiss Arvee 1.5 White Navy Red 89.95€   K-Swiss Arvee 1.5 White White Neutral Gray 89.95€   K-Swiss Rinzler SP Suede Charcoal Black White 99.95€   K-Swiss Rinzler SP Black Red Gum 99.95€   K-Swiss Rinzler SP White Black Gum 99.95€   K-Swiss Baxter White Classic Blue Navy 79.95€   K-Swiss Baxter White Black Charcoal 79.95€   K-Swiss Arvee 1.5 Mole Cuban Sand Gum 89.95€   K-Swiss Arvee 1.5 Charcoal White White 89.95€   K-Swiss Arvee 1.5 Black Charcoal Black 89.95€   K-Swiss Rinzler SP White Blue Red 99.95€   K-Swiss Court Cheswick Suede Black Neutral 59.95€   K-Swiss Court Cheswick Suede Navy White White 59.95€   K-Swiss Court Cheswick Suede Fiery Red White 59.95€   K-Swiss Court Cheswick Suede Charcoal White 59.95€   K-Swiss Donovan White White 89.95€   K-Swiss Baxter Black Charcoal White 53.97€   89.95€  K-Swiss Bridgeport II Suede Navy White 38.47€   54.95€  K-Swiss Aero Trainer Tortoise Shell... 53.97€   89.95€  K-Swiss Court Frasco White Stretch Limo 53.97€   89.95€  K-Swiss Court Frasco Tortoise Shell... 53.97€   89.95€  K-Swiss Arvee 1.5 White Silver Cloud Charcoal 53.97€   89.95€  K-Swiss Arvee 1.5 Black White Black 53.97€   89.95€  K-Swiss Rinzler SP White Gull Gray 59.97€   99.95€  K-Swiss Rinzler SP Fade White Windchime Silver 65.97€   109.95€  K-Swiss Wmns Hoke Metallic CMF S Gold Black... 39.90€   79.95€  K-Swiss Wmns Hoke Metallic CMF S Silver... 39.90€   79.95€ 

The success story began on the so-called "hallowed turf" at the world's most history-charged tennis tournament at Wimbleton in 1966. At this tournament, the "K-Swiss Classic" was worn on the world-famous court for the first time, being very close to victory and loss. Thanks to this sports event, many interested parties took notice of the tennis shoes completely made of leather. In this way, the triumphal march of K-Swiss began and has continued until today.
Also in the 21st century, K Swiss stands for innovation, quality, performance and style and has, since its beginnings, immensely broadened its product range. Not only on the world's tennis courts have these high-quality tennis shoes become an integral part, but also in the field of the so-called sporty fashion. In addition to tennis shoes, the product range today also includes sneakers you can wear in the streets which will underline and support your lifestyle. You can, however, also find sneakers for sports like running or aquatics. K-Swiss, of course, doesn't only focus on men's sneakers; women are masterly put in the limelight with cutting-edge women's shoes. And the small feet of our children are taken into account as well: K Swiss has children's shoes on offer which are in no way inferior to the "large" ones. No matter who's wearing K-Swiss shoes, they stand for stylistically confident design, comfort and quality. The fan community seems to be as unlimited as the field of application of K-Swiss shoes. Regardless of whether you search for outdoor shoes, sport shoes or sneakers for your everyday life, everybody can make a find in the range of K Swiss shoes. Those of you, who always want to wear freshly cleaned leather sneakers, can also purchase appropriate shoe care products while shopping at our Schuhdealer Online Shop. And now, please enjoy!


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