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Hard-wearing, solid, resilient – these are properties of Kamik shoes for kids. The Canadian brand manufactures shoes with Northern roots and has a long-year experience in the production of shoes that traces back to 1898. This experience provides the basis for high-quality, very durable shoes that keep your child’s feet warm and dry, be it on a rainy summer day or in the freezing cold in winter.

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The brand is mainly influenced by the life in the north of Canada which is clearly visible in the brand logo: it shows a whalebone, which is a symbol of protection. This whalebone lies on top of a so-called “Inukshuk”, which are stone landmarks used by the Inuit. The Inukshuk have been used for navigation, as markers for travel routes and as a point of reference for hundreds of years. And so will the shoes show your children the way – always dry, warm and comfortable.

When looking at the highly functional and modern shoes, one would not think of a brand that can look back on such a long tradition. The story of the brand started with a man called William Cook, who bought the “Charron Manufacturing” company. Instead of burying his head in the sand during the Great Depression, he staked everything on one card and focused on the production of shoes, saving 200 jobs and laying the foundation of the “Genfoot” company. This company is the mother company of Kamik and still is a family business. The generations changed but the company’s focus remained the same, namely to produce modern and functional outdoor shoes for people around the world, always striving for improvement. Kamik’s products stand for quality, warmth, comfort and durability and the brand also puts emphasis on sustainable production in order to reduce its carbon footprint. This is possible thanks to mostly domestic production in North America, which helps reduce CO2 emissions due to freight. The brand also developed a sustainable manufacturing strategy and introduced just-in-time production, which helped improve their footwear products and reduce environmental pollution. The injection moulding machines of the company use hydroelectricity instead of fossil fuels and recycled rainwater is used to cool the machines. This resulted in an annual conservation of water in the amount of 15 Olympic-size swimming pools. Moreover, the company has a 100% material waste recycling system so material waste is recycled for the production of new boots. Energy-saving lightbulbs are used in the manufacturing plants; as a result, Kamik saves 157.16 kWh each year. Liner and lining of Kamik boots are made from recycled water bottles. In addition, quality, functionality and sustainability have priority in the search of new materials for the production.


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