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It is not only the appearance of kids’ shoes that is important but also certain factors in terms of fit and flexibility have to be considered at the production and when buying kid’s shoes. Not all shoes for boys and girls available on the market support the healthy development of your child’s feet. You should, therefore, pay special attention to certain features.

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As soon as children are able to stand and take their first steps it’s time for the first shoes. Depending on the stage of development of your child, this is at about 12 months of age. So shoes for toddlers have to support the feet which is why you can often find ankle-high shoes. But the sole should be as supple as possible and you should be able to easily bend the shoe since the first months of walking are most important for the healthy and natural development of the feet and the whole skeleton.

Important facts when buying shoes for kids

Kids’ shoes should of course be large enough, at least 12mm, so that they won’t restrict the movement of the feet. If you look for shoes which allow the feet to grow, they should offer up to 17mm from the big toe to the toe cap. But it is important that your child won’t lose its shoes while walking. In addition, you have to make sure that the shoes have a proper width and provide an optimum fit at the instep area. The width can often be adjusted by the use of laces or Velcro® fasteners. Most importantly, kids’ shoes have to be highly flexible and need to conform to the movement of the feet. The more the shoe creates a barefoot-like feel the better the whole skeleton can develop healthily and naturally. In order to minimise the load on the joints, shoes need to have a low weight. You can further support the development of the foot’s muscles by avoiding pads and insoles.

We know that buying shoes for children can be really nerve-racking. That’s why we offer a large choice of trendy kids’ shoes at our online shop so you can easily have them delivered home and try them on in a relaxed atmosphere. You can, of course, return unworn shoes within 30 days. Fashion-conscious parents will make a find at our kids’ shoes section with stylish sneakers from brands like Vans, DC and Nike.


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