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Not only among women have shoes become an important part of their outfit but also among men. Shoes have been developed out of the need to protect the feet from cold and injuries. The first shoes were sandals but shoes have become sturdier in the course of time. First fashion influences can already be recognised in times of the French aristocracy. The costs and time of production sank due to the industrialization so today you can find a great variety of men’s shoes. Sneakers are the most common type of men’s shoes: you can find low sneakers, high sneakers for cold days, and also skate sneakers at Shoes are constant companions on any occasion – that’s a fact.

Globe Fusion Black Camo Jacquard 99.95€   Globe Tilt Black Black Red 84.95€   Globe Tilt Light Navy Gum 84.95€   Naketano Schwanzloses Opfa Jacket Dark Green 119.90€   Naketano Schwanzloses Opfa Jacket Dark Blue 119.90€   Naketano Schwanzloses Opfa Jacket Black 119.90€   K-Swiss Bridgeport II Suede Navy White 54.95€   K-Swiss Bridgeport II Suede Charcoal White 54.95€   K-Swiss Aero Trainer Tortoise Shell... 89.95€   K-Swiss Court Frasco White Stretch Limo 89.95€   K-Swiss Court Frasco Tortoise Shell... 89.95€   Lacoste Misano Sport 118 1 CAM White Navy 119.95€   Lacoste Court Master 118 2 CAM White Navy 99.95€   Lacoste Ampthill 118 1 CAM Navy Light Tan 89.95€   Lacoste Endliner 117 1 SPM Black 109.95€   Naketano Eierklatscher Jacket Dark Blue 109.90€   Carhartt WIP Marshall Jogger Black Rinsed 79.90€   Carhartt WIP Marshall Jogger Cypress Rinsed 79.90€   Lacoste Europa 417 1 SPM White 89.96€   Lacoste Endliner 117 1 SPM White Green 98.96€   K-Swiss Baxter Charcoal Black 89.95€   K-Swiss Arvee 1.5 White Silver Cloud Charcoal 89.95€   K-Swiss Rinzler SP Black Black Black 99.95€   New Balance ML 574 D YLC Pigment 89.95€   Levis 502 Regular Taper City Park 109.95€   Levis Commuter Pro Trucker CS Summit Slate 159.95€   On Running Cloudflyer Red White 169.95€   On Running Cloudflyer Black White 169.95€   Lacoste Menerva 118 1 CAM Light Brown Natural 129.95€   Lacoste Menerva 118 1 CAM Black Black 129.95€   Lacoste Court Master 118 2 CAM Dark Brown... 99.95€   Lacoste Chaymon 118 1 CAM Dark Grey Navy 129.95€   Lacoste Chaymon 118 1 CAM Dark Brown Brown 129.95€   Lacoste Chaymon 118 2 CAM Black Red 129.95€   Levis 511 Commuter Pant Nightwatch Blue 129.95€   Naketano Cruiser Jacket Olive 119.90€   Levis 511 Commuter Pant Black Stay Dark 119.95€   Naketano Cruiser Jacket Steel 119.90€   Naketano Cruiser Jacket Deepthroat Ocean 119.90€   Naketano Cruiser Jacket Black 119.90€   Naketano Discopimmel Polarfleece Indigo Blue... 54.90€   Naketano Discopimmel Polarfleece Big Boobies... 54.90€   Levis Skate 511 Slim Pant Lomita 79.95€   On Running Cloud Navy Navy White 139.95€   On Running Cloud Forest Jungle 139.95€   On Running Cloud Black Black White 139.95€   On Running Cloudflow Petrol Neon 149.95€  
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Men like to wear fashionable shoes also in summertime: slip-ons, sandals and flip-flops are the right choice during warm summer months since men don’t like to sweat and hate sweaty feet. When temperatures sink in autumn, also men store their sandals away in the shoe cabinet and fetch their boots and lined winter shoes. Those of you who don’t only search for warm shoes for cold days but want shoes with a high functionality should try a pair of hiking boots or outdoor shoes, as they are often referred to nowadays.

Come and have a look at the incredibly large variety of men’s shoes at our Schuhdealer online shop – you will surely make a find. And now, please enjoy!


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