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Sandals for men – light, stylish and functional

Sandals count among the oldest versions of shoes worldwide; already in 3000 BC people wore sandals made of bark. Ancient Egyptians wore the archetype of today’s flip-flops and the inhabitants of ancient Rome wore strap sandals. Wearing sandals with bare feet was not well-received later so people had to put on socks – even today this questionable trend shows up in combination with ultra-short jeans shorts.

Birkenstock Amsterdam NU Steer Chocolate 79.95€   Salomon RX Slide 3.0 White White Silver... 45.47€   64.95€  Birkenstock Boston Wollfilz Hellgrau 69.95€   Birkenstock Boston Wollfilz Cacoa 69.95€   Birkenstock Boston FL Schwarz 89.95€   Birkenstock Boston NL Schwarz 84.95€   Birkenstock Boston SFB BF Desert Soil Espresso 84.95€   Birkenstock Arizona NL Hailstorm Brown Silver 69.90€   Birkenstock Arizona FL WB Tobacco Brown 74.90€   Birkenstock Arizona SFB BF Desert Soil Night 59.90€   Birkenstock Arizona SFB BF Desert Soil Espresso 59.90€   Birkenstock Arizona NL Hailstorm Black Silver 69.90€   Birkenstock Arizona SL BF Black 54.90€   Birkenstock Arizona SL NL WB Blue 69.90€   Birkenstock Ramses BF Nubuk Stone 54.90€   Salomon RX Break Lime Punch Imperial Blue... 43.96€   Reef Voyage LE Dark Brown 51.96€   Reef Rover SL Bronze Brown 43.96€   Birkenstock Arizona FL Habana 69.90€   Salomon RX Break Black Imperial Blue Pearl Blue 43.96€   Salomon RX Break Navy Blaze Ombre Blue... 43.96€   Salomon RX Slide 3.0 Lime Punch Lime Punch... 45.47€   64.95€  Salomon RX Slide 3.0 Cloisonné Navy Blazer... 45.47€   64.95€  Salomon RX Slide 3.0 Black Black Bright... 45.47€   64.95€  Reef Leather Fanning Brown Brown 47.96€   Reef Phantom LE Brown Tribal 31.96€   Reef Voyage LE Bronze Brown 51.96€   Birkenstock Arizona FL Schwarz 64.90€   Birkenstock Arizona BF WB Nubuk Basalt Navy 64.90€   Birkenstock Boston FL Habana 89.95€   Birkenstock Boston FL Tobacco Brown 89.95€   Birkenstock Arizona NL WB Braun 74.90€   Birkenstock Boston FL Antik Braun 89.95€   Birkenstock Arizona FL Tobacco Brown 69.90€   Birkenstock Boston M EVA Black 49.95€   Birkenstock Boston M EVA Metallic Copper 49.95€   Birkenstock Boston M EVA White 49.95€   Birkenstock Arizona BF Nubuk Basalt WB 59.90€   Birkenstock Boston NL Dunkelbraun 84.95€   Birkenstock Arizona BF Blue 49.90€   Birkenstock Arizona BF Black 49.90€   Birkenstock Arizona BF Dark Brown 49.90€   Birkenstock Arizona BF Weiß 54.90€   Reef Marbea SL Black 33.56€   Reef Draftsmen Black Dark Grey 45.56€   Reef Marbea SL Tan 33.56€   Reef Phantom LE Brown Tan 31.96€  
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When summer is drawing near, nobody wants to struggle through the day in sneakers. So people start to dig out their shorts and T-shirts. But what about matching sandals? This is where we come into play with our wide range of stylish thongs which are absolutely in fashion. You can do almost anything in flip-flops: regardless of whether you are at school, at the university or at the ice cream parlour, flip-flops will keep your feet cool and dry. Apart from their functional features sandals are absolutely stylish. Take, for example, casual Reef sandals: two Argentinean brothers, both surfers, designed these sandals which were and are supposed to represent the active lifestyle of surfers. With colourful DC sandals you will definitely attract attention; but these sandals also offer utmost wearing comfort and optimum traction thanks to the profiled sole. During the selection of products we want to offer at our shop, we attach great importance to high quality, optimum wearing comfort and popular prices. You can also wear your sandals on the beach, there they also serve as beach slippers. Sporty Oakley sandals do as well belong to this category; their specially profiled sole helps you not to sink down in the sand.

At our online shop you will surely find the proper pair of sandals for the summer!


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