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Mr. Lacy is a Dutch brand which has set itself to design jarring and colourful laces. The brand stands for love of life and wants to make dreary sneakers shine by means of coloured laces. From Flatties to Fatties and Slimmies, every fan of laces will make a find. “Glow-in-the-dark” laces will highlight your sneakers even in the dark. From classics in white or black to neon-coloured laces – they all will jazz up your shoes with great vibrant colours. Mr. Lacy’s don’t only vamp up streetwear shoes but any kind of shoes like running shoes or hiking shoes. We are proud to have these useful accessories at our Schuhdealer online shop! Mr. Lacy strives after a healthy and clean planet and enjoys the company of animals, be it marine creatures, land animals or birds. Furthermore, the brand believes that our world can be full of peace and harmony. With the hip colours and the exemplary attitude towards humanity and our planet, Mr. Lacy attracts millions of customers. Men, women and children can find matching laces in trendy colours. So come and give your shoes a new look by pimping them with Mr. Lacy’s!

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