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The Canadian label Native Shoes was founded in 2009 in Vancouver to design and produce lightweight, flexible and extraordinary shoes for men, women and children. Native founder Damian van Zyll de Jong has caused quite a stir among sneakerheads in the United States so that today Native footwear is already available in over 50 countries. In Europe, however, Native Shoes is just about to emerge from obscurity. But what is so special about these new lifestyle shoes that look like a daring but successful mixture of convenient old-school slippers and hip Vans sneakers?

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Light, lighter, Native Shoes

Native Shoes impress with their timeless, yet totally new look and gained popularity as a stylish alternative to comfortable but rather ugly Crocs. Native Shoes is not a sneaker brand in the classic sense, but it combines classic, iconic silhouettes with fresh designs and the best of evolving technology – a visionary concept aptly named “Future Classics”. The corporate motto is “Keep it Lite!” and this is why Native places trust in ultra-light, synthetic materials providing maximum comfort as well as being suitable for vegans, e.g. easy-care microfiber and EVA, a high-quality, environmentally compatible plastic which is also antimicrobial and odour-resistant. Thus, Native footwear is just the thing for those seeking ultimate comfort and casual style, but also fashion-conscious sneakerheads should definitely sneak a peak. Let’s go Native!


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