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Clear designs with no frills – this is the distinctive style of Pointer shoes. In 2004, the brand was established in London by Gareth Skewis. Mat Fowler and Hannah Draper were like-minded persons, so they soon became partners of the Pointer founder. Hip trends or special editions were all the same to the creative minds; they rather intended to find their own aesthetic shoe trend while remaining true to themselves. So the shoes are to be made for your everyday life and are supposed to captivate due to their design and the comfortable feel they create. The vulcanised sole, which increases the stability of the shoe, and the cushioning, that is often used for sports shoes, ensure the high comfort of the shoes which have no equal in the sector of casual shoes. As regards design, Pointer mixes classical elements we know from noble leather shoes with the look of yachting shoes. But we can also recognise influences of sporty sneakers. The choice of materials processed is of particularly high quality. From weather-proof leather to light textile for summer shoes – the quality of the materials, of course, contributes to the quality of the finished product. In addition, Pointer cooperates with several artists who have an influence on the development of the shoes. But Pointer always keeps one thing in mind: the shoes are to be suitable for daily use. At our online shop, you can find Pointer footwear for men and women who appreciate a stylistically confident appearance.

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