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Bob Dylan and Marilyn Monroe wore them as well as John F. Kennedy and James Dean, recently also Brad Pitt and Will Smith: We are talking about Ray-Ban sunglasses. The classic Aviator and Wayfarer styles rank among the world’s best-selling sunglasses of all times and have for generations been considered a desirable lifestyle accessory. But how did the brand come to be founded and how did Ray-Ban actually become the epitome of stylish sunglasses?

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The emergence of Ray-Ban is closely linked to the history of the US Air Force. In 1929, Lieutenant General MacCready asked Bausch & Lomb, a manufacturer of medical and optic equipment, to create high-quality aviation sunglasses that would protect his pilots against the glaring sunlight when flying at high altitude. After some modifications, the newly developed pilot’s glasses were launched under the name Aviator – that was the birth of the brand Ray-Ban and the beginning of a spectacular success story. In 1952, the Wayfarer was introduced and soon became a style icon following appearances in various Hollywood blockbusters. Besides these popular classics, the traditional company now offers a wide range of timeless and fashionable sunglasses which captivate with their high-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies. The lenses used are very light and extremely resistant whilst offering 100% protection from harmful UV-rays. The polarised lenses additionally block over 99% of reflected light providing perfect glare-free vision, e.g. when driving a car. Ray-Ban also sets standards in design:  whether delicate or large-framed, round or angular, mirrored or tinted – the iconic brand offers everything a fashion-conscious sun worshipper could desire. Convince yourself and discover our brand-new Ray-Ban shades!


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