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One for One® - With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.

The story of TOMS didn’t start with a shoe; in fact, it was the absence of a shoe that gave rise to Blake Mycoskie’s idea. When travelling through Argentina, he found people living in poverty and children without shoes, no matter if at school or at play. Their hardships made him search for a solution that was simple but revolutionary. His aim was to create a for-profit business which was sustainable and not reliant on donations. His vision laid the foundation for the formation of TOMS – Shoes for a better tomorrow. More than 10 million pairs of shoes have been given to persons in need in more than 60 countries all over the world since 2006.

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In the course of years the support of the customers made it possible to provide children with different types of shoes based on terrain and season; local jobs were created by producing shoes in some of the countries where they are given to people in need. The shoes reduce the risk of injuries, infections and diseases due to cuts on the bottom of the foot. Healthy children can attend school and their immune system is strong enough to fight minor illnesses. Apart from this, shoes are often required for school attendance in many countries and education is vital to breaking the poverty cycle. Children with new shoes also grow in confidence. TOMS works together with more than 100 partners. These so-called “Giving Partners” integrate Shoe Giving into their community development programmes: health checkups; microfinance programmes; youth leadership programmes; school support and more. TOMS and its partners develop strategies in order to achieve their goals together and to respect the cultures of those countries where Giving Partners work. Then, the partners place orders for the right sizes, quantities and types of shoes.

The brand also committed itself to providing new shoes to children as they grow. The shoes, of course, are brand-new and made for school and play. The range of sizes offered fits children from toddlers to teens. The classic black shoes have a unisex, slip-on style with canvas upper and rubber sole. Sports shoes are given by partners involved in programmes against obesity. Durable winter boots are made for colder climates so they are given to children in Eastern Europe, Central and East Asia, South America and the United States. Thus, shoes are given where they are much-needed. TOMS shoes are produced in China, Ethiopia, Argentina and other countries and some of the shoes offered are made from sustainable materials, including natural hemp, organic cotton and recycled polyester. The range of shoes also includes vegan models. All of the shoe boxes are made from 80% recycled post-consumer waste and are printed with soy ink.


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