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Under the guidance of Van Doren and his three partners, the first shop was opened in Anaheim, California in March 1966. Vans (formerly known as Van Doren Rubber Company) conforms to trend sports and also promotes them and so has sponsored top skateboarders like Tony Alva, Steve Caballero or Geoff Rowley. A tailor-made Vans shoe collection has even been dedicated to the latter. The Warped Tour taking place annually proves that Vans is reflecting the Punkrock side of skateboarding like no other brand. But Vans has not only established itself in the skate scene; also in the lifestyle sector, Vans shoes are at the very front. With its slogan "Vans Off the Wall", the brand gives evidence of its distinctiveness.

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Vans Old Skool Estate Blue True White 79.95€   Vans Old Skool Satin Lux Blush True White 84.95€   Vans Authentic Satin Lux Black True White 74.95€   Vans Sk8-Hi Reissue Leather Oxford Evening 99.95€   Vans Old Skool Lite Classic Tumble True White 94.95€   Vans Authentic Satin Lux Light Silver 74.95€   Vans Old Skool Crimson True White 79.95€   Vans Authentic California Floral Marshmallow 69.95€   Vans Old Skool Navy 74.95€   Vans Authentic Lite Canvas Black White 74.95€   Vans Authentic Platform Black 74.95€   Vans Sk8-Hi Reissue UltraCush Made for the... 94.95€   Vans Authentic UltraCush Made for the Makers... 74.95€   Vans Sk8-Hi Lite Suede Canvas Black White 94.95€   Vans Era 59 Vintage Indigo Rococco Red 74.95€   Vans Classic Slip-On Made for the Makers Black 74.95€   Vans Old Skool C&L Frost Gray Acid Denim 84.95€   Vans Old Skool Baby Blue True White 79.95€   Vans Era 59 Vintage White Vintage Indigo 74.95€   Vans Old Skool UltraCush Made for the Makers... 84.95€   Vans Classic Slip-On Platform Black 74.95€   Vans Old Skool Platform Black White 84.95€   Vans Old Skool Lite Suede Canvas Black White 84.95€   Vans Old Skool Dress Blues Acid Denim 84.95€   Vans Sk8-Hi MTE Black Marshmallow 76.97€   109.95€  Vans Old Skool Vansbuck Light Gum Mono 62.97€   89.95€  Vans Sk8-Hi MTE Demitasse Ballistic 76.97€   109.95€  Vans Sk8-Hi 46 MTE DX Glazed Ginger Flannel 76.97€   109.95€  Vans Sk8-Hi 46 MTE DX Black Flannel 76.97€   109.95€  Vans SK8-Hi Slim Zip Boom Boom Black True White 69.97€   99.95€  Vans Era (T&H) Dress Blues Khaki 55.97€   79.95€  Vans SK8-Hi Reissue Retro Sport Gunmetal 66.47€   94.95€  Vans Old Skool Embossed Sidewall White 62.97€   89.95€  Vans SK8-Hi Slim Zip Boom Boom Port Royal 69.97€   99.95€  Vans SK8-Hi Reissue Vansbuck Light Gum Mono 69.97€   99.95€  Vans Authentic Mono Print Classic Camo 48.97€   69.95€  Vans UA SK8-Hi Mono Canvas Chili Pepper 50.97€   84.95€  Vans Authentic Lite Pop Pastel White Zephyr 47.97€   79.95€  Vans Sk8-Hi Slim Zip Gold Dots Gold Black 62.97€   104.95€  Vans Sk8-Hi Reissue Wool & Leather Parisian... 59.97€   99.95€  Vans Sk8-Hi Reissue DX Tweed Gray 68.97€   114.95€  Vans Era 59 Varsity Navy True White 47.97€   79.95€  Vans Authentic Textured Suede Pewter Plaid 50.97€   84.95€  Vans Era PT Military Twill Black True White 47.97€   79.95€  Vans Authentic Espadril Canvas Aegean Blue 41.97€   69.95€  Vans Sk8 Hi Reissue Snake Leather Chili Pepper 68.97€   114.95€  Vans Era 59 Vintage Sport Black Racing Red 50.97€   84.95€ 
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The Sk8-Hi, formerly called Hi-Top, is at the forefront of the diverse Vans assortment. This shoe was the first shoe worldwide to be especially designed for skateboarding. The appearance of the Hi Top was similar to the Converse Chuck, but the version launched by Vans clearly was sturdier and more robust and offered better traction due to the waffle sole. Today, the Sk8 Hi is produced in varying colours and patterns.
The assortment at our online shop also features the Vans Authentic and Era which have again and again enhanced the shoe market over decades with new and trendy colours. The Vans Chukka is an absolute lifestyle shoe, always fashionable and mostly made of leather. The Rata is a moccasin-like shoe which goes down well with surfers. Thanks to the removable insole, this shoe can be rolled up so you can put it into the smallest bag. But the Slip-On is the special highlight of all Vans collections: this shoe without laces is especially popular among skaters. The Low-Top is a comfortable shoe with a high feelgood factor which can often be found in the lifestyle scene, but also in the emo or punk scene. The Slip-On in black and white chequer pattern probably is the most famous one, capturing the world of fashion as so-called "Checkerboard". Not only men and women are provided with the hip Vans stuff, no, also children will make a find. The waffle sole typical for Vans is the distinctive feature of the different shoe types offered by Vans.


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