Ballerinas – feel like dancing

The success story of the much-loved ballerina shoes already began in the 1950s when Audrey Hepburn said she was a fan of ballet and had ballet flats created by Salvatore Ferragamo which were suitable for daily use. These shoes soon became cult and had a revival in the 1980s due to fashion icon Kate Moss who often wore ballerinas and helped popularise them all over the world. Fashionable designs were added to the functional features of ballerina shoes so they soon evolved into fast sellers on the shoe market. They immediately found women’s approval since almost every woman or girl at least once wanted to feel like a ballet dancer – this was finally possible thanks to these elegant but highly comfortable shoes. They combine comfort and functional features so you can easily slip into them and feel at ease.

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Ballerinas don’t only suit small feet since the shoes have a slender style and dainty designs. Thus they will make big feet look more delicate as do the beautiful Lacoste ballerinas and those from TOMS, a very popular brand. But ballet flats don’t need to be elegant; sporty designs are very trendy this summer so you can also combine them with a pair of straight chino pants. No matter what type of ballerinas you prefer, they will match almost any outfit.

On holiday women often wear a beach dress with thong sandals but now ballerinas more and more supersede thong sandals so your beach dress is also suitable for a party. And there’s another advantage we don’t want to keep from you: ballerina shoes are a perfect alternative to high-heeled shoes – no ill-treated feet anymore, no risk of twisting your ankle and also cobblestone pavements are no big deal anymore. If you want to look good while shopping but don’t want to go without comfortable shoes, then ballerinas are the right choice. Although they have no heel or a flat heel only, these shoes convince due to fashionable designs and styles so you can ideally underline your personality. With ballerinas you will never get out of style and will always be well-dressed. Furthermore, you can nicely combine them with any outfit, thus you can even wear them in spring together with a pair of long pants.

So come and get an idea of these beautiful shoes while having a look at our wide range of ballerinas at

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