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Boots – timeless and fashionable

Until the 20th century boots were commonly used as work boots but then women set a new trend with fashionable boots. The main characteristic of a boot is that they extend up the leg but there are also shorter versions that only cover the ankle or lower part of the calf. When summer is over and days are getting shorter, the time has come to look for a new pair of boots! We have a lot on offer for you: trendy boots you can wear in autumn and spring, or lined boots you can wear in the deep of winter without being afraid of suffering from frostbite.

Functional, comfortable, casual

Our selection of boots also comprises shoes that have a very comfortable insole and are made of fashionable materials like leather. The most important criteria, when we select new products, are: premium quality, super fit and fair prices! Functional characteristics are a necessity for brands like Nike or Coolway – the models we’ve chosen clearly give evidence of that. Today’s designers make any boot something special due to buttons, rivets, embroideries and fringes. Furthermore, boots often have reinforcements at the heel and ankle to provide optimum support and utmost wearing comfort. What is more, boots are very versatile: you can combine them with a pair of skinny jeans, a dainty skirt or a pair of shorts as well. The boots you can find at captivate due to casual styles so they are perfect companions in your everyday life!

In muddy weather we recommend Lacoste boots because they aren’t only very fashionable but the lower part of these boots is waterproof and kind of looks like the lower part of a rain boot. Boots are a must-have and every woman should have at least one pair of boots in her shoe cabinet. Our shop mainly comprises boots without laces so you can easily slip into them. There’s a reason for that: in our opinion, it’s much better to go shopping and have boots without laces on your feet so you don’t need to lace your boots again and again if you want to try a new pair of jeans or a skirt in the changing cubicle. We can also warmly recommend stylish adidas boots so you can fully enjoy your shopping tour. But the boots you can find at our online shop are also suitable for a party since they will spice up any outfit and will additionally keep your feet warm and dry!

Which pair of boots is your favourite? We are sure that you will find a proper pair of boots at Enjoy!


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