Shirts and blouses for a stylish outfit

Hebrews already wore white linen shirts reaching down to the ground around 925 BC. Several peoples of the Western World used shirts as undergarment or outer garment; only in the 16th century were shirts worn as day wear. The shirt with standing collar was part of formal wear in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Around 1900, they were produced with a placket front (patented since 1871) so people did no longer have to put them on over the head. Women's shirts are often buttoned on the left whereas men’s are often buttoned on the right. Women’s shirts and blouses have established as fashion article by now and become increasingly popular. At the Schuhdealer online shop we provide you with fashionable and sporty styles. So come and discover collections from various brands.

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Versatile and comfortable

Combine your shirt with a classic skirt, with a pair of sporty jeans or with a pair of casual shorts – a shirt gives your outfit a smart look. Carhartt WIP is well-known for neat styles, exceptional designs and a high standard of quality. Basic items of clothing can be combined with almost everything your wardrobe offers. Light fabrics and figure-enhancing styles ensure a high wearing comfort.

We keep on looking for the latest trends and impressive designs. Draw your inspiration from fashionable clothes and create your own style!

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